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Restore Public Relation’s Tarnished Credibility


The Public Relations Profession lacks credibility within the USA. Their credibility has been tarnished due to claims of propaganda and deceit.  How can the PRSA generate and restore more credibility for the PR profession? I have devised a plan that cracks down on the Public Relations industry by enforcing the PRSA’s code of ethics and emphasizing accreditation.


Output- Offer more incentive for PR professionals to become accredited through the PRSA by December 2010

Outcome-To increase accreditation among PR professionals in the USA by 40% by December 2010

Output-Generate a strong emphasis and importance on the PRSA’s code of ethics by taking harsher action against violators.  Encourage and inform employers of these new rules by December 2010

Audience: We will target all PR professionals and the Firms they work for in the USA.

Strategy 1:Build awareness of PR professional’s lack of credibility

Tactics-(1) Secure a four-page cover story in PR week’s monthly newsletter about the stigma of PR professionals and the consequences a harmful reputation can have. (2) Secure other features in major publications, such as AD week, The Washington Post, and The New York Times offsetting this negative with success stories within the industry i.e.: turn PR professionals from villains into heroes.

Strategy 2: Include education institutes in the promotion of accreditation.

Tactics: (1) Get top University’s, communications schools, involved in the value of accreditation and offer discounted rates to upcoming graduates.(3) Establish step-by-step instructions of the PRSA’s accreditation process to print out on flyers that the PRSA can distribute to Universities and their students.

Strategy 3: Invite PRSA accredited practitioners in upcoming events and conferences.

Tactics: (1) Exclusively plan and invite accredited professionals to an event and educational conference located in multiple locations over the country.

Strategy 4: Strictly enforce the PRSA’s code of ethics

Tactics: (1) Inform PR practitioners of the changes. (2) Try to pass laws for legal punishment if this code is violated.

*The plan would also include a calendar, budget, and an evaluation to analyze results after it had been accomplished.

Why This Plan Will Work:

This Plan will be successful in creating more credibility for public relations because the more people that earn accreditation will result in higher standards in the PR world. This will eventually improve the reputation of PR professionals and improve their overall credibility. If the PRSA takes harsher action against violators it will show the public there is some form of regulation and therefore, it would be less likely to read untrue news stories or be confronted with propaganda.  Self-regulation within this industry has done nothing to give it a backbone. The PRSA is the best form of regulation this industry has and needs to shed light on the honest practitioners and humiliate the practitioners who are spoiling the reputation of this profession.


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