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Blogs: The Voice of Richmond


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Date November 12, 2009


Blogs: The Voice of Richmond

Communities in urban environment like our own Richmond, VA can and are benefiting from the growth and popularity of blogs. They create a public atmosphere where a city can think out loud together about important topics such as news, art, life, business, real estate, jobs, and politics. With their recent popularity blogs have become the real voice of Richmond.

Blogging is a way to cut out the media middleman by putting the power of personal publishing into everyone’s hands. The Popularity has continued to grow since 2004 when blogging was named word of the year by American dictionary publisher Merriam Webster. In 2007 it was estimated that there are over 112 million blogs published. From individuals, to businesses and organizations, everyone is involved with blogging.

“It’s a really good way to get to know a city’s culture before visiting or relocating.” Chris Frick, a travel enthusiast, said about the value of blogs. is home to 489 Richmond, Va. blogs. Tobacco Avenue, an contributor, was ranked number one blog by Richmond Magazine this year. Tobacco Avenue describes itself as “Richmond’s Most Accurate Source Of Misinformation.” This demonstrates the freedom blogs allow writers and readers should remember blogs include opinion based content that readers cannot necessarily depend on as factual information.

Although blogs don’t offer the same reliable information traditional news sources do, they are a refreshing mix to the information world. It allows people and communities to discuss subjective topics publicly. Whether the blog reviews and experience at a local restaurant, the latest thoughts on national political topics, or is something like my blog which is focused on factual information concerning the public relations industry; blogs give the public a peak into local’s views and culture. Blogging is a valuable media tool that is now impossible to imagine stopping.

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